About Us

established in 2008

Faconex has reinvented the Cotton Candy and Pop Corn taking it from an artisanal product into a high quality manufactured one. Many flavors are offered for the first time in international markets


Faconex is the first company in Africa and Middle East to manufacture industrial cotton candy and the first in the world who have been developed it with 7 different flavorsand giving added value to the products through attractive packaging to ensure the health safety of the product.
As well our caramelized popcorn is natural without preservative, coloring GMO gluten free and without flavors. Faconex was the first in the world to develop cotton candy with popping candy with five different flavors.
Through our product range that includes 3 varietieswith many flavors, we offer different delicious product for young and old.
90% of our production is exported to four continents more than twenty countries ( France, China, Colombia, Italy, Netherlands, France , USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Kingdom, Maldives, Canada, Jordan, Kuwait, Belgium, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Korea Southern, Algeria, Libya, Gabon,Palestine,  Israel and Spain)
At the national level we keep the exclusivity with the biggest Moroccan distributor


Foundation of the company and start manufacturing cotton candy with 2 flavors Strawberry and Tutti Frutti


Start manufacturing cotton candy with seven flavors



Manufacturing natural caramelized popcorn


Manufacturing cotton candy with popping



Our products are safe and fresh, and We provide our customers with correct information in a clear and simple way, and this is guaranteed by our labeling compliant with national and international norms and standards.