All the production processes are respecting international hygiene and safety standard. Our Customer Satisfaction is a priority. Environment is important too, we choose the best ecofriendly rules.


The team insure a healthy development of Faconex and a real satisfaction responding to the diversity of customer’s demand.

Home-made touch

Our products, known by their homemade aspect, reminds the home recipes using healthful ingredients.


Storage conditions are respected during all the steps of production.


Our packaging are substantial and resistant in the shock and in the environmental conditions allowing a better conservation.

Fit to be seen

The box is designed be a display too.

Attractive and waterproof

Our products are appreciated because of their waterproof packaging and an attractive high definition artwork.

Caramelized Pop corn

Our caramelized pop corn has success all around the world and for all ages as a result of high physical, chemical and organoleptic criteria.

Chocolate Pop corn

Chocolate Pop Corn is a new product, which had many fans.